Heat is Where the Heart Is

A Fundraiser for Kids in Need

Listen to the Record!

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How it Works

When you purchase a copy of "Heat is Where the Heart Is" for a minimum donation of $10, your money is used to purchase a space heater from a local Connolly's Do It Best hardware store. The heater is then taken to SCAN to be distributed to a family in need.

Heat is Where the Heart Is, wouldn't be possible without the generous support of our partners:

Interested in sponsorship? Send us an email at dreamcatchers@gmail.com to learn how you can help us provide heat to families in need.

The Story

After years of working at a music venue in Fort Wayne, Indiana, surrounded nightly by truly talented and articulate musicians, I woke up one morning reeling from a dream. All these people I had come to admire were, in this dream, recording kid's music.

In my dream, when I asked them why, they all said the same thing. "We're buying heaters with the music, for the kids with cold feet. Their parents need a little help." They said it to me like music was currency, and like thye were just paying for the person behind them in line, a kind motion for a stranger.

There's a lot of different ways you can go with that if you bust out a dream dictionary, but upon waking, it was so visceral and plain to me then that I didn't even get out of bed before I messaged three of the artists that were in my dream, and also my neighbor, Jason Davis, who teaches music to kids AND has an astounding recording studio in his home.

I was still not out of bed yet when a big fat "YES" had emanated from all parties I contacted. It was then, already that the train had left the station. The little engine that could. And it became the little engine that ROCKED.

What followed was a barrage of musicians sacrificing their weekends to all day sessions, a lot of home-cooked meals run across the street, participants' children volunteering lyrics, vocals, and hand-claps, revolving doors of sorts with the ins and outs of interpretations and instruments, and, endearingly, a few contributors with child.

There was magic. It was fun. And it stuck. It was HAPPENING.

What came next was actualization. This is always the most tedious thing when all you want to do is go forth with a good act to help others. And yet, it occurred to me that with so many kids involved, and watching, and participating, and depending, that it was vital that an exceptional example was set. It had to be done right. And it had to be resounding.

Two years later, we've finished the music. We've finished mixing it. It's polished and shiny, and well...resounding. But just because the actual music was completed didn't mean the community stopped jumping in. THey contributed artwork for the album. They contributed film time. They contributed press time. Sponsorships for production. They donated their venues for a release party, and they all dumped the entire contents of their hearts into anything they had to offer to this cause.

The only thing left to do is to get these heaters to cold little feet. All of what I've transcribed about the past two years and all the selflessness that everyone has contributed is just a giant THANK YOU and some incredible and diverse music in return for a donation to help us warm up some toes in the city of Fort Wayne. From all of us at the most motley of grassroots charity, we hope it brings you and your children all the joy that it brought us.

the Dreamcatchers of Fort Wayne